The Batman  by  Matt Reeves gives news of his villains and his release date.

Announced in the wake of Justice League ,  The Batman  (which is also called more like that) was to be the first part of a trilogy, interpreted and directed by  Ben Affleck and who was to have as main opponent Deathstroke.

Well, that was the original plan, but since  Justice League has been there and things have changed. Ben Affleck left the realization, giving up his seat to Matt Reeves . Which had left the project aside for a while in favor of the last chapter of his trilogy The Planet of the Apes

Once again on the rails of the DCEU, it resumes everything from scratch. So exit Deathstroke , the villain who was planned at the base, but most importantly, he vetoed the Batman of Ben Affleck (according to informants Revenge of the fans).

With all that we wondered if the filming would start well one day . So when we learned last January 5 that production should be launched in 2019 , we were reassured. And Matt Reeves took advantage of this commotion to unveil some clues about his film at the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter  :

“It’s more a detective Batman than we’ll see, unlike other movies. The comics allude to that. Normally, he’s the world’s biggest detective, and it’s not really that part of him that’s been covered in previous movies. I would love to see the movie revolve around chasing criminals and solving crimes.

There will be a whole gallery of villains. The castings will start soon. We start by defining our plan of attack. I will go back on the script and then we will be able to start developing more conceptual things. “

So on the menu of The Batman (title used but which may have to change according to Matt Reeves ), an armada of villains, a Batman definitely younger than in Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice and Justice League and Investigations. As for the release date, it is scheduled for late spring to see the beginning of summer 2021 .

In the meantime, we will have had time to see Shazam! , Joker , Wonder Woman 1984 and probably  Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) . Enough film, we hope, to finish reviving the DCEU.