The actress will again have T-800s in the role of Sarah Connor.

The latest in  Terminator: Genisys, Emilia Clarke has been in the role of the young Sarah Connor, but the fans were not entirely happy with the actress’s shaping. Now, for fans, Linda Hamilton is once again in the role of the unstoppable superman to capture some T- if this is about to be the sixth part of Terminator.

For the time being, we do not know where the long history of the franchise is going to be, but it is steel proof that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to Hamilton as his T-800. The actor did not go through an open heart surgery so long ago, but it does not seem to hinder the role. However, it seems that the event had an effect on the production, as the July premiere of 2019 was replaced by November, shortly after the news of the intervention was revealed. This was denied by the studio, but the two events seem rather strange. The shooting work has not yet started, but Hamilton has been captured by a lucky fan to get a picture, so we can find the actress before the first shooting pictures arrive.


Above all, we already know that Gabriel Luna, known from Shield’s agents, will appear in another role as a mortgage. We can also see Natalia Rey, Diego Boneta and Mackenzie Davis on the canvas. If they had not had enough of the two big old returners, the new Terminator will be under the personal supervision of James Cameron, but because of his dedication to Avatar, the order is due to Deadpool’s director Tim Miller.