In the American city of San Bernardino in California, at least ten people were injured when an archer opened fire in an apartment complex. According to the police, three people are in very bad condition.

The fire was opened in a common area of the apartment complex, where several people were playing games. According to the police, multiple guns have been shot. 

Up to twenty bullets

Alysa Marie, who lives next to the complex, says to CNN that she quickly fired fifteen to twenty bullets in a row. “My brother-in-law heard the bullets flying past our house,” she says. “About five minutes later a helicopter crossed our street, calling the perpetrator through a loudspeaker to drop weapons.”

Another neighbor also heard shots being fired. “I heard about four shots, then something that looked like an engine that was driving away, and then even more gunshots,” says Eduardo Rivas, another neighbor.

Possible gang violence

After the shooting, the perpetrator or perpetrators went off. The police have not arrested anyone yet. Neighbors say to the news channel CBS LA that gangs are active in the area. The police are investigating whether it is gang violence or whether there is another motive.