The actress wanted to please teachers with free dresses, but there were too many willing.

Three women are suing Reese Witherspoon and her clothing company, Draper James, because of the April situation when the brand announced that it would give teachers who were left working during the coronavirus pandemic a signature dress.

A store post on Instagram said:

Dear teachers, we want to say thank you. We saw how you work hard during quarantine while continuing to teach our children. To express their gratitude, the Draper James brand will give teachers free dresses.

To participate in the action it was necessary to fill out a special form, the winners had to be determined on a specific date.

As a result, 250 women received dresses. It turned out that such a number of “winners” was originally implied, but the participants did not know this. Therefore, many women who left the application were waiting for a free dress and did not receive it. In total, about a million women submitted applications.

Now Reese and her brand are accused of cheating, the use of personal data and dishonest PR. In the form that the women filled out, it was necessary to indicate personal data and an email address – now these women receive newsletters from the actress’s store.

Deprived participants in the action say that Reese organized a show of charity and got off with only 250 dresses, the total cost of which is $ 12,500. At the same time, many other celebrities staged larger charity events and sent much larger amounts to the needy.

Representatives of the brand note that they did not expect such a stir and expected that only a few thousand women would take part, and not a million. After complaints from several dissatisfied teachers, Draper James promised to give all participants a 30% discount on brand dresses. But women believe that dresses are initially very expensive (135-195 dollars), and with the current salary of teachers, such a weather discount does not.