This the time when you know and you know! Lena Dunham’s is the amazing actress who had an amazing relationship with Dunham’s recently full or romance. They got married recently while they share their marriage and relationship status. They had and intimating wedding ceremony in London Soho neighborhood earlier. They both confirmed that marriage separately on their social media accounts.

Taylor Swift with a lot of her friends was also their siting on a table with cakes and drinks in their hands celebrating the marriage. Swift has a very strong bond with Dunham’s as she participated in her vogue video for the selection of bridesmaid dresses. She was in black and white shot. They both have been meeting through a long-time. “Do you know what? We sort of came up with the same idea,” Kane told Vogue of the bride’s style. “I knew she loved the ’60s, and she was looking at brides like Sharon Tate, June Carter Cash, and Priscilla Presley. There’s also something about the Holy Communion world, even though she’s Jewish.” 

Taylor answered some of the exciting question to the sources that; “She was crying, jumping about, and dancing,” the designer said. “She was like ‘I can’t believe I’m so lucky.’ “She also wore a floor-length dress with intricate embroidery shaped like an antique mirror and paired it with a tiara. And for the final look she wore an A-line dress with an abstract painting of herself and her husband.