They asked their friends if they were thinking of having children? Congratulations, now you are a sexist.

Taylor Swift is not in a hurry to show his active citizenship when it comes to Donald Trump (the most sensitive topic for American stars), but he is always ready to point the job to some interviewer. With strict principles, Taylor had to closely meet a German radio host, when Swift came to visit the RTL show and refused to answer “sexist” questions about whether she was thinking about children.

The singer, who flew to Germany to perform in the finals of the reality show “Germany’s Next Top Model” (Germany’s Next Top Model), was asked at the RTL radio show about her age: Does Taylor perceive this mark as a “turning point” in his life – and doesn’t he think about having children? The question sounded like this: “Would you like to become a mother once, have children?”

Taylor was clearly not impressed with the “sexist” question – and defiantly refused to answer it:

“It seems to me that men who turn 30 would not have been asked such questions. So I will not answer this question either. ”