Taylor Swift (29) turns 30 in December. To put this milestone in the spotlight, she shares 30 life lessons with the American magazine Elle that she has learned over the years. She is also candid about her fears. After the attack on the concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester, Taylor did not dare to enter the stage for a while. “I was so terribly afraid,” confessed the pop princess.

“My fear of violence is intertwined in my private life”, the singer realizes. “Every address I’ve ever lived in is on the internet. There are plenty of stalkers trying to break into your house. After a while you automatically start preparing for the worst. I always have special relationships with me against stab and gunshot wounds. “

Taylor is also candid about other things in her life in the interview. This way we learn that the singer has disabled all reactions to her Instagram page because she does not want her self-esteem to depend on the approval of others. Although she still has problems with the search for her self-esteem, as it turns out. The pop star admits that she sometimes has trouble accepting her body. “It’s something I have to work on every day”, it sounds candid.