Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger love being tickled on social networks. On September 18, the interpreter of the Terminator mocked his comrade in a video that amused the netizens.

Between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, everything has not always been rosy. Become action movie stars at the same time, the two men have long maintained an explosive rivalry . ”  We hated each other in the 80s because we were in the same business, everyone wanted to beat each other. It was a total war , said Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2014. It was a competition on which had the most muscle, which killed the most people on the screen, who killed in the most original way, who made the more money at the box office.  And then the time has passed, the quarries have declined, and the calm has returned . ” Finally, in the 90s, we became friends and we have always been friends since then,  “said the interpreter of the Terminator. A beautiful relationship that is nice to see!

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes fun of Sylvester Stallone’s knife

The two men are very appreciative: they have been seen several times having lunch together , and Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the three films The Expendables , directed by Sylvester Stallone. Their fans also like to see them flood the social networks . And this Wednesday, September 18, they were served. The hero of Predator made a video in which he appears next to a beautiful knife signed by his former rival. ”  Sly, I just saw the knife you signed for good works. He is amazing, look! But it’s not a knife. That’s a knife!  The actor then leaves a huge blade, at least twice as big. ”  It’s the one we used on Predator ,” he laughs. It’s just a little bigger than yours.  Arnold Schwarzenegger finally wished ”  good luck  ” to his friend for the release of Rambo: Last Blood , which arrives in theaters this weekend in the United States. ”  I loved it ,” he assured Stallone. And when it’s a cardboard, I’ll give you a new knife to celebrate!  “