In a few weeks, Sylvester Stallone has been targeted twice by sexual assault charges. The actor finally spoke on these serious facts and denies everything in block.

Storm Harvey Weinstein has done a lot of damage on the Hollywood Hills. Many women took the floor to denounce the actions of some colleagues in the film scene. And Sylvester Stallone was not spared. Last November, a young woman came to a police station to file a complaint against the actor. The facts would have happened in 1986 on the shooting of the film The Arm Wrestling. She was 16 years old at the time, and said that a bodyguard had forced her to blow a blowjob to the star, who then raped her. For fear of reprisals, she would have preferred to remain silent.

Sylvester Stallone’s spokesperson quickly responded and said it was a “ridiculous and categorically wrong” story. Brigitte Nielsen, the actor’s wife at the time, also spoke out to defend her ex-husband: “She says that the facts would have happened around 20:30, one night of the shooting of the Arm wrestling, and that She was in our suite at the Hilton. But this incident did not happen. All day, I was going to see Sylvester turn, then we went to dinner and we went back to our room. No one but me was with him, “ she told the TMZ website. The support that failed to extinguish the embers.another woman filed a complaint against Rambo’s interpreter for an alleged assault that occurred in the 1990s.

Silent and calm so far, leaving rather his lawyers to speak, Sylvester Stallone finally chose to speak on the facts which are reproached to him. “It never happened. It’s one thing to attack me, but they are attacking innocent people, people who live their lives and have their reputation tainted by these accusations, “he told Radar Online on Friday. They will carry the weight of the lie all their life. “ The fight is not finished.