The ice cream parlor that Demi Lovato (28) raged on Instagram on Sunday, has since received many statements of support from loyal customers. Stars such as Piers Morgan (56) and Perez Hilton (43) also supported the case.

“I’m really sorry people got this wrong”

The singer shared a furious post on Sunday about the sugar-free cookies that The Big Chill in Los Angeles had in the window. According to the singer, who has a history of eating problems, that is a ‘trigger’ for people like her and the frozen yogurt business tries to profit from a diet culture. The company then announced that they have products for “diabetics, people with a gluten intolerance and vegans” and that they also sell regular treats.

Morgan lashed out at Lovato in his column for the Daily Mail on Monday . “I also have triggers – nasty, arrogant, star bullies like Demi Lovato trying to bring down a small family business during a pandemic by playing the victim in a sad way,” he wrote. Perez Hilton said on the Instagram page of The Big Chill : “I come by to support you! My whole family loves ‘fro yo’, especially my mother. She has diabetes and is happy with your sugar-free products. Thank you. who have! “