In the more than eighty years that Superman has existed, the ‘man of steel’ has always lost his heart to Lois Lane. But in a new comic, the superhero falls for a male journalist.

“Superman has always been a symbol of hope”

The new romance blossoms in the fifth installment of Superman: Son of Kal-El , due out in November. The comic book series revolves around Jon Kent, the son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, who was Superman’s alter ego. In the new series, son Jon takes over the superhero task from his dad and that is not always easy for him. In the third comic in the series, colleague Jay Nakamura appeared as a support and support. Publisher DC Comics has now announced that this will lead to more.

Superman: Son of Kal-El author Tom Taylor said in a statement: “Superman has always been a symbol of hope, of truth and of justice. That symbol now stands for more than that. From now on, more people can see something of themselves in the most powerful superheroes in the comic world.’