Margot Kidder (69), who played Lois Lane next to Christopher Reeve, who played Superman, has put an end to her life. That is what the authorities have announced on Wednesday in their home in the state of Montana.


After the death of Kidder in May, her manager announced that she had died peacefully in her sleep. A cause of death was not reported. The report found that the actress herself chose the drug and alcohol overdose to which she died.

The daughter of Kidder explains to The Sun that she is happy that the truth is over the table. “It is important to be open and honest about this, so that there is no hint of shame for people who have to live with this.”

Maggie McGuane calls dealing with a suicide in the family “an exceptional kind of grief and pain” and calls on anyone who is struggling with mental problems to seek help.

Acting and politics

Kidder was also politically active in addition to her work as an actress. In 2011 she was arrested during a protest against the Keystone Pipeline. During the primaries in 2016 she campaigned for Bernie Sanders. In addition, she devoted herself to more attention for psychological problems. She was open about her own struggles with bipolar disorder.