The group of right-wing, heterosexual men in Boston who are going to organize a ‘Straight Pride’ have removed the name Brad Pitt from their website. The Guardian reports that. The Hollywood star had indicated this week that he did not want his name to be used for their propaganda.

The organization Super Happy Fun America, which claims to act on behalf of ‘the heterosexuals’, has declared Pitt on their website the mascot of their initiative. The small company received worldwide attention in recent days with their permit application for a “Straight Pride” parade.

They believe that heterosexual men are discriminated against because they, unlike the LGBTQ community, are not allowed to raise the flag at Boston’s town hall. “We will continue to fight for equality until the mayor also embraces our community and has a more progressive vision for the future,” the men say on their website.

Many LGBTQs react furiously to social media on the initiative. “If straight people are brutally beaten up, their fundamental human rights are denied, their health care is denied, they are killed or thrown out of their homes, simply because they are straight, they can hold a parade for my part. Otherwise they’d better stay silent and sit in their seats ”, is a much shared message on Twitter.