The gusts of Lodos, a violent wind coming from the southwest, reached 130 km / h, killing at least four people and injuring several people.

The images are spectacular. Roofs torn off, trees uprooted, heavy goods vehicles overturned on the highway. In Istanbul in Turkey , the Lodos, a violent wind coming from the South-West which rages regularly, caused a lot of damage on Monday, November 29. In total, around ten roofs and nearly 200 trees were torn off by gusts of up to 130 km / h and maritime traffic was suspended on the Bosphorus.

According to a latest count, at least four people have lost their lives in the bad weather and the authorities have identified at least twenty injured. “Four people, including a foreign national, lost their lives and 19 of our fellow citizens were injured, including three seriously,” the Istanbul governorate said in a statement, citing a report drawn up by the government agency for the management of human rights. natural disasters (Afad). “I wish the mercy of God to our citizens who lost their lives (…) All our teams intervene in situations such as the fall of roof, tree and pole. We call on citizens to be careful ”, expressed the mayor of the Turkish city, Ekrem Imamoglu, on his Twitter account.

A video released by the Turkish agency DHA showed two men and a stroller on the ground under the remains of a frame as if blown by an explosion, in the district of Esenyurt, in the west of Istanbul.

A woman was killed in another district in the west of the city, struck in the face by a beam that came off the roof of her building, according to DHA. Other images posted on social media and Turkish media showed a roof and a veranda blowing away in the wind, as well as heavy goods vehicles lying on an expressway near Istanbul.