Steven Spielberg’s production house, Amblin Television, has withdrawn as producer of the Bull series.

According to Deadline , his company Amblin Television decided to stop producing Bull after actress Eliza Dushku had accused fellow Michael Weatherly of inappropriate behavior.

In December it became clear that the CBS Dushku television channel had paid 9.5 million. According to the actress, she was supposed to become a permanent actress in the series, in the role of a flame of Weatherly’s character. However, she was written after a complaint about the behavior of the actor from the show.

CBS therefore paid her the equivalent of the salary she would have received if she had played in Bull for four seasons.

The director allegedly spoke to Dushku in person, and then decided not to use his company as a producer for Bull. Amblin confirmed on Thursday that it is no longer involved in the show, but did not specify a specific reason.