According to the actor, he reached his ceiling in the role of Glenn and left the project without any regrets.

Actor Steven Yang, who starred in Lee Isaac Chun’s acclaimed independent drama Minari, is still best known to the general public for his role as Glenn Rea in the apocalyptic TV series The Walking Dead. In 2016, he left the popular zombie drama as his character was killed. According to the actor himself, this outcome did not sadden him much – he was much more upset because of the need to part with his friends on the set.

The actor held an online meeting with fellow artist Reese Ahmed as part of the new project Actors on Actors from Variety. In the conversation, Yang revealed that his character in The Walking Dead was a good person, courageous and friendly with everyone. At some point, the creators of the series made his hero a “moral compass”, and Ian was happy to play this role. Nevertheless, at some point, he realized that he had reached his ceiling and must move on.

“I didn’t really resist,” said the actor, referring to the decision to withdraw Glenn Rea from the series.

Meanwhile, the artist shared that he still felt some sadness because of leaving the project. He called the time spent on the set wonderful.

“But I just couldn’t stop there. I couldn’t get stuck playing just a good-natured guy for the rest of my career. In my heart I did not feel that way. In my heart I can be angry, I can take revenge. I can use all other emotions, and I wanted to explore them in my game, ”summed up Yang.