Destry Allyn, the daughter of director Steven Spielberg , is engaged! The 23-year-old actress, screenwriter and director shared the good news of her engagement with actor Genc Legrand in an article on Instagram on Friday.

“Saint cannoli, I’m engaged !!! ?????????????”ย Allyn wrote in the caption, with a sweet photo of Legrand, who is originally from Switzerland, and another photo of them holding hands and showing his engagement ring.ย “I’m so excited to take life with my best friend! It’s the best day of my life! I love you so much @legrandgenc !!! ????????????????? ????? “

Allyn, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, met on the set of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” from 1984. Her siblings include her brother Sawyer, 27, sisters Sasha, 29, and Mikaela, 23 years, as well as Capshaw’s two children from her previous marriage, Jessica Capshaw, 43, and Theo Spielberg, 31, and Spielberg Max’s son, 34, from her previous marriage.ย to Amy Irving.

Allyn also shared photos and videos celebrating her good news in her Instagram stories, including screenshots of video chats in which she shows her ring to friends, a silly video of her flaunting her new rock, and a another Legrand video that she simply captioned “fiancรฉ”.

She shared other photos of her with Legrand on Instagram throughout the year, including this sweet post in March.

“I’m lucky to have you in my life. I love you little egg ????” Spielberg posted next to a romantic photo of her in Legrand which translates to: “I am lucky to have you in my life. I love you little egg.”