This new film of the intergalactic saga will be released on December 18 in the French cinemas.

Four months after unveiling the title and the first trailer of the upcoming Star Wars , Disney Studios and LucasFilm presented the first official poster of the 9th episode of the saga. We see the heroine Rey face Kylo Ren, balancing on what seems to be a piece of ship. Behind them, the Milky Way, but especially the dark gaze of Palpatine.

The plot of this ninth and final installment in the history of the Skywalker is still secret. One thing is certain, the goodbyes will be moving, since Carrie Fisher, died December 27, 2016, will make her last appearance on the screen. JJ Abrams, the director, had also announced that the story of this new film will take place a few years after the end of  The Last Jedi , and that it will be “an adventure” that Rey, Poe and Finn will ” live together”.

Fans will find Daisy Ridley (Rey) or Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), but also newcomers like Keri Russell (Zorri Bliss) and Richard E. Grant (General Pryde). The mysterious Knights of Ren, briefly appearing in  The Awakening of Strength , will also be back. Skywalker’s Ascension  will be released at the cinema on December 18th.