famous deepfake YouTuber known as “Shamook” has confirmed signing with Industrial Light and Magic from Lucasfilm . The YouTuber made his mark by creating a version – some better – of the surprise appearance in The Mandalorian.

Shamook is known for creating all kinds of Deepfakes on YouTube. For example, videos that re-cast certain roles, like replacing Tom Cruise with Brendan Fraser in the reboot of The Mummy, or improving existing effects like the rejuvenation of Luke Skywalker in the final episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian .

Indiewire has confirmed with Industrial Light and Magic that Shamook has joined the team. The position is not named, but ILM’s statement specifically cites the company’s growing interest in machine learning and AI.

“[ILM] is always on the lookout for talented artists and has indeed hired the artist who calls himself ‘Shamook’ … In recent years ILM has invested in machine learning and AI as a means of creating visual effects. attractive and it has been amazing to watch this space accelerate with technological advancements, ”a company representative said in a statement.

Shamook says he has started his new job and that more videos will appear on YouTube, all still impressive. One of the best watches is a mix of Spider-Man actors with Deepfake tech. For example, add Tobey Maguire in The Amazing Spider-Man or Tom Holland in Sam Raimi movies .