Actor Jamie Dornan is waiting for the third child: “We will continue to do them as long as we can”

Actor Jamie Dornan, who is known for his role in the movie “50 shades of gray,” will soon become a dad. His wife Amelia is pregnant with a third child. The couple, of course, initially concealed the news, but now the actor speaks openly about it.

In the transfer of Jimmy Kimmela Jamie Dornan admitted that he does not plan to stop at the third child. If his spouse agrees, they will expand their family:

Part of me is inclined to think that we should take a break after the birth of the third child. But then I understand that we have really beautiful children. And if my wife wants, we will continue to do them as long as we can. It all depends on her. My job is simple.

In the meantime, Jamie Dornan wondered what he wanted to make a pause in his career. He wants to allocate enough time to his family and third child. And all because with the first two Jamie Dornan could not spend enough time at the beginning of their life:

If I missed the birth of my children, I would not be able to live with it later. Therefore, I will take a vacation for several months after the baby is born.

By the way, Jamie Dornan is going to attend during childbirth.