It seems that Kendall Jenner has got rid of her stalker for the time being. The 38-year-old John Ford was arrested by the American immigration service. The Canadian man, who ended up at the reality star’s house twice, appears to be staying illegally in the United States and is being deported.

“This timely arrest may have prevented a violent crime”

John was arrested last Monday and that is a good thing, say police. “This timely arrest could have prevented a violent crime. Our agents acted quickly after a tip to ensure that this obsessive behavior did not end in a tragedy,” a police spokesperson told TMZ.

The Kardashians and Jenners say they are enormously relieved. “We really appreciate the hard work of the Los Angeles police and the immigration service. Thanks to their quick and professional actions, this man could be arrested. His actions have not only had a very serious impact on Kendall’s life, but also on the feeling of the safety of the whole family. Because of this we feared not only Kendall’s safety, but also ours. It gives us peace of mind to know that this man is in custody. “

John entered the US a year ago. He then received a residence permit for six months. In that year, he slid down a hill so he could enter the fenced area and sit quietly at Kendall’s swimming pool. Shortly thereafter he even managed to reach her porch that way.