A man who was previously banned from contact, rang the doorbell at the villa of Kylie Jenner (24) in Beverly Hills on Sunday. A security guard called the police, who arrested the man.

TMZ reports that the man has shown himself more often in recent months in the chic neighborhood in which the former reality star lives. Kylie was fed up and requested a restraining order. She was granted this, so that the police could easily arrest the man on Sunday.

The cosmetics entrepreneur is more often bothered by unwanted visitors. Earlier this month, a man climbed the fence around her villa. He was carrying a bunch of flowers and would have wanted to propose to Kylie. He had only crossed the gate on the wrong side and was standing in front of the neighbor’s door.

Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner had to step up security around her home earlier this year because of two situations involving strangers in a short space of time that compromised her safety. Los Angeles police first intercepted someone who was planning to kill Kendall and then themselves. A few days later, another man managed to enter her yard where he banged on windows and tried to jump naked into her pool.