LOS ANGELES – Carey Hart, the man of Pink, has posted a video on Instagram, in which their 7-year-old Willow can be seen during a shooting practice with a gun.┬áThe girl practices together with her father, who says in an accompanying message that he has already learned to shoot her from the age of 3 years.

“I have not done anything to alarm the ‘father and mother police’ for a while, Willow and I are shooting with a .22 gun and she is getting better, she can hit a board from almost 30 meters. good order: no one in our house hunts, we just like to shoot as a sport, I educate the children with knowledge of the weapons, teach them how to deal with them, to save and prevent a weapon falls into unskilled hands Knowledge is power, “says Carey.

It rained reactions ranging from anger to understanding. Some followers say ‘not to understand what a child with a gun should’. Others praise Carey for the fact that he teaches his children how to handle weapons in a responsible way. Hart also received considerable criticism when he let his 2-year-old son Jameson ride on a dirt bike, something many people thought dangerous. At this Pink took it for her husband and cynically said, “Help me, Instagram, we would not know how to raise a child without you.”