43-year-old Emma Bunton will soon go down the aisle. A member of the Spice Girls team marries her lover Jade Jones , whom she met for over 20 years.

Eight years ago, lovers took the first step toward marriage and announced their engagement. But only now Emma and Jade were ready for the official registration of relations. The couple received permission to marry. Now for the year they need to get married.

During the novel, two children were born to lovers. They bring up the 11-year-old son Bo and the seven-year-old daughter Tate.

Emma and Jade started dating in 1998 , but broke up a year later. They renewed their relationship in 2004 and have not broken up since then.

Emma Bunton always looks perfect. A star is difficult to give her age , it seems , that she clearly knows the secret of eternal youth. The singer does not hesitate to talk frankly about himself. Fans of the star even recognized her unexpected preferences in sex.