The Spice Girls have been discredited because of t-shirts they have made for Comic Relief. The shirts would be made in a factory where the workers get very badly paid, reports The Guardian .

The workers in the Bangladesh factory get a few dime an hour for their work. Moreover, the conditions in the factory hall are human worthless. For example, the women are being scolded and abused, according to research that the British newspaper has done on the spot. They are also approached by the manager of the factory with ‘whore daughters’ and they should run shifts of 16 hours.

The text #IWannaBeASpiceGirl is on the shirts . The shirts are part of an action for Comic Relief, a special action day in Great Britain where money is collected for various charities. This year special attention is paid to gender equality. They are sold for almost 20 pounds. Of that, more than 11 pounds goes to Comic Relief.

In a reaction, both the Spice Girls and Comic Relief know that they are shocked about the findings of The Guardian . The management of the Spice Girls has promised that there will be an investigation into the abuses in the factory.