Sofía Vergara and her niece Claudia Vergara were with a medium who helped them contact Rafael, the actress’s older brother and father of the presenter of “Latinx Now!”, Who died in 1998. From the afterlife, the musician sent him an emotional message to his daughter.

Video: YouTube / E! Entertainment

Tyler Henry, from the reality show “Hollywood Medium”, was in charge of putting Sofia and Claudia in contact with their loved one.

“He had a daughter, Claudia Daniela,” Sofía began saying about Rafael, and said that her niece was a little girl when he passed away. Between his hands, Vergara held a clock of Claudia.

Although in the beginning there was only Tyler and the actress, they were soon joined by the model, who from the distance observed everything that happened. As soon as he approached them, Claudia was very excited.

“Oh, they’re very similar,” Henry said, and with a big smile on her face, Sofia said it was her “mini-me . 

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Soon, the talk was again focused on Rafael Vergara. “The best thing you can do to honor your dad, is to do everything in you to live your passion, to live your truth,” the medium told Claudia. “He’s going to live through that, he’s going to be with you when you do those things, you’re never going to be alone,” he added.

“I’ve never felt alone, never,” Claudia said, and her aunt added to E’s cameras ! Entertainment that is not, because it has always had many people around.

At the end of the meeting, Sofía commented that she considered this to be something important for her niece, because she needed to hear something about her father that made her feel closer to him, since she does not really remember him.