Everything would turn under WatchOS 5 and have a much finer border than the previous generation.

The Apple Watch is the best-selling connected watch in the world. Apple has made it a must because of its focus on health and its operating system sharp. But while the current models are real successes, Consomac thinks that the Cupertino company is preparing to unveil six versions of its connected device. Watches that would work under WatchOS 5 and would be fourth generation.

Six new WatchOS 5 models

This rumor is, as always, to be taken with tweezers but the site Consomac has spotted six potential new Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 4 WatchOS 5 that even have a code name: A1977, A1978, A1975, A2007 and A2008. The Cupertino company could therefore hit a big blow again in a market largely dominated by its connected watches. Not to mention that by September, three new iPhone – two sub-OLED slabs and an LCD sub-screen – will be presented.

It remains to be seen what the next version of Apple’s OS for its Apple Watch. But above all what the Series 4 could propose in terms of design. The latest rumors speak of an even more borderless screen with reduced borders. A logical path for most connected objects with a screen.

Apple could still have a good time supporting its domination of the connected watch market with this next generation that promises a lot – with the focus always on health!