Apple’s digital assistant Siri has shown a picture of a penis for a while instead of US President Donald Trump. This is because Siri relies on information and images from online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which was confronted with vandalism.

Several people who edit Wikipedia continued to put a picture of a penis back as a photo of the American president Donald Trump, reports The Verge. The Wikipedia vandalism appeared in the English version, but the Dutch version of the page did not have the edits and showed a picture of Trump.

Apple lets Siri lean on Wikipedia for photos and information about popular topics. Because Wikipedia is a community-filled encyclopedia, vandalism is possible like this. The people who had put down a picture of a penis can no longer perform operations, according to a Wikipedia spokesperson against The Verge.

The incident is striking, because Apple is always very strict on showing genitals within iPhone apps. If the manufacturer catches apps on showing naked, then Apple takes them from the App Store. The ban on such content is explicitly mentioned in the App Store apps guidelines .