A new competition has been put for challange on the TiKToK by the latest TiKTok start Jon Bon Jovi.

A new video has been posted by the 58 year old singer on the social media app from his brand Hampton Water’s page and this is a must see thing.

A concert of Bon Jovi was cancelled this summer due to Covid-19 pandemic, so Bon Jovi decided to do it at his backyard. He lined up the Hampton’s water bottles as his audience and sang.

“Livin on a Prayer” is the song which was performed by the Bon Jovi in the video and was shared on social media TikTok. Singing when the bottles of wine “Watching” him, and this is the challange #DoWhatYouCanChallenge

This performance can be seen in the given below sharing.


Let’s see you “Do What You Can” ##DoWhatYouCanChallenge ##fyp ##singalong ##foryoupage

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