If I had a hammer singer Trini Lopez died on Tuesday (local time) in his hometown of Los Angeles at the age of 83. The singer, who performed in the Netherlands in 2013 during AndrĂ© Rieu’s concerts, died of the consequences of the corona virus.

Lopez was born Trinidad Lopez III in Dallas, Texas. Both his parents were from Mexico.

The singer started his career at the age of fifteen. He was scouted in 1963 by Frank Sinatra, who offer him a contract with Reprise Records when he was performing at a Los Angeles nightclub.

His most famous song is a cover of If I had a hammer . That song entered the top lists in several countries, including in the Netherlands. He also achieved hits with Lemon Tree and La Bamba .

Besides a singer and guitarist, Lopez acted in several films, including The Dirty Dozen (1967). After the 1960s he no longer achieved major worldwide successes, but he always continued to produce and perform music.