The Australian singer spoke on a talk show about his split from Miley Cyrus.

Speaking on an episode of Australian 60 Minutes, 24-year-old singer Cody Simpson spoke about their split, calling it “pretty friendly.”

“I’ve known her for a long time,” Cody said of the Wrecking Ball star before adding “not as a mentor, but as a very creative person.”

“We went from being good friends, to having a lot of the same friends, to being together for a while,” he continued.

She shared that their relationship was “just one of those phases” and that the two were able to learn a lot from her.

“It all ended quite amicably, and I guess it was just one of those phases. You go through it and you learn a lot from it. “

Meanwhile, Miley, in an Instagram Live session, told fans in August last year that they weren’t “right” for each other.

“Right now, two halves cannot make a whole and we are individually working on ourselves to become the people we want to be, like everyone else at this age,” he said.