Simon Cowell (62) has reacted for the first time to the bicycle accident he had in London last week. The music producer, who broke an arm in the crash with his e-bike, calls himself “a little crazy” and promises to “be sure to wear a helmet next time”.

“I am okay”

Simon was accosted by the Daily Mail on the street in London. The well-known talent show judge is feeling good, he said. “I’m okay. I feel a lot better. It happened around the corner.” When the reporter confronted him that local residents had seen him speeding down the street, Simon admitted that he is “a little crazy” and will pay more attention next time.

It is already the second time in a short time that Simon hits the asphalt with his electric bicycle. In a crash in August 2020, he got off a lot worse. Simon then broke his back in multiple places and had to undergo major surgery to repair his spine.