He was just dancing and had a nice evening when the audience was shot out of nowhere. Ben Campbell was in the bar in California where the 28-year-old Ian David Long opened fire on the visitors. “I ran, I ran as fast as I could.”

The shooting took place in the Borderline Bar & Grill at Thousand Oaks, about 60 kilometers west of Los Angeles. A country evening for students was on the program in the bar. Thirteen people died, including the archer himself.

Security guard shot

Late in the evening, the shooter ran into the bar and shot a security guard first. He entered the bar and shot down another security guard and employees. Then he opened the fire to the public.

When Campbell heard the first shots, he lay down on the floor as quickly as possible. At the moment the gunman threw smoke bombs, he saw a chance to jump through a broken window. Then he set it on a run. “I myself saw a victim who had been shot,” says Campbell.

Fire fight

Policeman Ron Helus did not survive the shooting. He was one of the first to be on the scene and tried to stop the perpetrator. A firefight was born. Helus was hit several times. In the hospital he died from his injuries. 


“He went inside to save lives, but tonight he died as a hero,” said sheriff Geoff Dean to CNN . Helus wanted to retire next year. A colleague sheriff Eric Buschow: “There is nothing more heroic than what he has done.” 

President Trump also expressed his sympathy via Twitter. According to him, the police have shown themselves particularly courageous.


Some survivors of the shooting were also at the shooting during a music festival in Las Vegas last year, writes USA Today . Then there were 58 deaths. ‘There are people who do not experience this all their lives, and there are people who see it twice,’ says a witness to the newspaper.