There are only two days left until the premiere of the superhero blockbuster, and the Captain Marvel promo tour ends with the traditional global premiere in Los Angeles. Last Monday, the main roles of Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson took to the red carpet. Colleagues from the kin-universe Marvel and other stars came to support them.

Brie Larson sparkles at ‘Captain Marvel’ premiere

This time, Bree Larson preferred a light, star-adorned dress from Rodarte. But Samuel L. Jackson again added a formal suit with a hat. The premiere was also attended by Clark Gregg playing agent Coulson in the Marvel Universe, Warrior Don Cheadle and Sterling C. Brown from Black Panther and Pom Clementeff. The spectators were delighted with the red carpet, because among the guests were the Hobbit star Lee Pace, director Taika Whiteiti and singer Halsey.

Critics predict “Captain Marvel” as loud a success as the Black Panther at one time. Many of them are convinced that the film will manage to overcome the billion dollar box-office bar not only due to the fact that this is the first Marvel kinokomiks about a woman superheroine, but also thanks to a good script, beautiful visual effects and inspiring storyline. How the superhero blockbuster will show itself at the box office and how much the audience will like, it will become clear already on March 7, 2019.