A well-known British writer Hilary Mantel ( Hilary Mantel) came to the defense of the Duchess of Sussex. She explained the decision 38-year-old Meghan Markle ( Meghan Markle) and 35-year-old Prince Harry ( Prince of Harry) of the “Megzite”.

The Lady Commander of the Order of the British Empire is well aware of life at the palace. Two-time winner of the Booker Prize spoke about the events that shook the royal family. 67-year-old Mantel expressed satisfaction over the fact , that the marriage of Megan and Harry survived difficult for them a historic decision.

” I’m glad , that this marriage survived and gone their relationship with the monarchy. Because we were all convinced: if the duchess decides to leave , then she will have to leave alone, ”said the author of the best-selling books “ The Wolf Hall ”and“ Bring the Bodies ”.

Hilary said , that the former American actress became a breath of fresh air for the prudish British monarchy. “Megan was too good , to be true. She was a smiling face in a boring establishment. She encouraged people indefinitely , at least , men and women with a good heart “- said Mantel.

The writer expressed deep conviction , that the Duke of Sussex, retired blame British society , which could not take Markle. “I think , that this was disgusting racism involved. I hesitate to call her a victim. But I think that there was an element of racism in the attacks against her. It is more deeply rooted in people’s minds , than any of us are willing to admit, “- said the writer.

Hilary also accused British society of body-shaming. She said , too much attention is paid to the bodies of the women of the royal family. “If anyone doubts this , we need only to look , what happens , when our royal ladies are pregnant and when they give birth. They are perceived as public property in the same way as women of the Tudor era were perceived, ” Harpers Bazaar quoted her as saying. According to Mantel , such an attitude is very sad and reprehensible , because it turns a woman into a breeder.