Following his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello (24), Shawn Mendes (23) is also taking a short break from social media. “I’ve been having a bit of trouble with it lately,” the singer says in a video on Instagram.

“I am very proud of it and I am grateful that you like it so much”

Shawn also adds that he has been receiving a lot of support on social media lately following the release of his latest single ‘It’ll Be Okay’. “I see a lot of TikToks where people cry and get emotional. I hope that’s because there is some truth in the song. I’m very proud of it and grateful that you like it so much.”

Last week, his ex already let her followers know that she will take a temporary ‘social media detox’ at least until the new year. She wants to spend less time on her phone, she said.

The former lovebirds announced last month that they are splitting after a two-year relationship.


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