The actress shared a beautiful image of her 86-year-old mother, Dorothy Stone, on Instagram.

Sharon Stone shared a beautiful picture of her 86-year-old mother, Dorothy Stone, on Instagram. At election time in the United States, the actress stressed that her mother is a “proud Democrat” from Pennsylvania, who will go to vote next Tuesday (3).

Posting Dorothy’s photo completely ready, Sharon wrote:

“My mother, 86, beautiful and proud Pennsylvania Democrat. My father called her ‘dear’… Isn’t she beautiful? “

Like much of her family, Sharon Stone is also a Democrat and recently raged against Republican candidate Donald Trump, asking her supporters not to vote for a ‘killer’.

The actress called the US president that way because, according to her, she did not know how to handle the coronavirus pandemic, who insisted that the risk is minimal.

A few weeks ago, she expressed her concern when her sister contracted the disease:

“They keep saying that the risk is very small, that you are not going to die, that you will be fine. But I will tell you what is happening to my family … my sister and my brother-in-law are fighting for their lives, and my sister is not doing very well, “he explained

Stone said that his relatives live in Montana and said that in that state there is insufficient evidence for the coronavirus and that medical personnel are not adequately protected.

“These nurses are risking their lives and cannot do the test. The stress, the pressure, the fatigue that is happening in that hospital (where his sister was admitted) collides with the conflict of justice, where people carry weapons and he says that it is your freedom not to have to wear a mask, “he lamented.