The young woman was not afraid to reveal too much. It’s official, Shanna Kress is currently in Los Angeles for the filming of Angels 10 (NRJ 12). But before embarking on this adventure, the former candidate of the Marseillais (W9) enjoys the joys of the city.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018, the beautiful brunette went to the premiere of the movie L’Échappée belle, in theaters since January 3 in France. For the occasion, she had opted for a fully transparent black dress with the exception of an embroidered band on the front. Do not be cold, Shanna did not hesitate to ask back to provide a great view to photographers and his fans who have discovered the clichés.

Thibault Kuro’s ex-girlfriend was not alone on the red carpet. She was accompanied by her, it seems, new friend Barbara. The candidate of Secret Story 11 (NT1) is also in Los Angeles for the tenth edition of the Angels.

In the cast, the public will also meet Amélie Neten, Maddy (The Marseillais VS The rest of the world), Claire Tomek (10 Perfect couples), Jordan (Secret Story 11), Manon Reyvan (The Marseillais), Vincent Queijo (Friends Trip 4) , Remi Notta (Secret Story 9), Thomas (The Angels 9), Adrien Laurent (Friends Trip 4), Sarah (The Voice 2), Tristan (Ninja Warrior) and Florian (Married at first glance 2).