After this amazing third season, the Netflix series ‘Sex Education’ has been renewed for season 4. This news was broadcasted on Saturday when the entire cast appeared on the show during streaming platform of global fan event. The announcement also came after major changes in season 3, and this made all the casts confront and reveal their relations while Eric and Adam finally made official and Aimee was forced to face her trauma head on.

Not only this, but despite the best efforts of the new headmaster, Hope, Moordale was shut down. The cast opened up about Hope for a season 4, and then it was announced that it has been official.

When it comes to Maeve and Otis, in particular, Butterfield would like to see them eventually get together and have a proper relationship. “I would like to see it, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. I mean, they are young. It probably won’t,” he said. “But I’m interested to see what would happen.” 

He added, “They are inherently connected and attracted to each other’s personalities.”

As for a fourth season? The actor sees it as an opportunity to bring some resolution to the characters. “It would be nice to have a real, resolute ending,” Butterfield said, adding, “I always want to know; I always want a definite answer.”

No matter what happens, fans can delight in the fact that they’ll get another chance to follow along with all the sex, laughs and tears that makes Sex Education so much fun to watch.