This Sunday, October 10, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth were seen on the Pont des Arts filming for “And Just Like That”, the revival of “Sex and the City”.

The Parisians walking on the banks of the Seine in the evening this Sunday, October 10 had a nice surprise. On the Pont des Arts, located between the Louvre and the Institut de France, they were able to see  Sarah Jessica Parker  and Chris Noth in the middle of filming. The interpreters of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big were indeed in Paris this weekend to film several scenes for the revival of the series entitled “And Just Like That”.  

A return to Paris thirteen years later

For the occasion, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a floral dress topped with a lace cardigan. Chris Noth was in a black suit. A return to the City of Light which reminds us of the reunion of Carrie and Mr. Big in the sixth season of “Sex and the City”, on this same bridge, where he had declared his love for her while Carrie was was in Paris with her Russian lover, Aleksandr Petrovsky. In addition to the scene shot on the Pont des Arts, the couple was also photographed at the Café de l’Époque located in the first arrondissement. 

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth film ‘And Just Like That…’ in Paris