Selena Gomez recorded a Spanish-language album for the first time. The American singer announces that Revelación , as the album is called, will be released on March 12.

Recently Gomez already released the song De Una Vez , which will also be on the new record. The singer has been saying for years that she wants to make a Spanish-language album.

Revelación can be booked from Friday. On Twitter , 28-year-old Gomez already posted a photo of the cover of the album. “I can’t wait to let you hear the Spanish music. It sounds so cool,” said Gomez.

Earlier, the singer, who is half Mexican, said in an interview that she found “the perfect time” to release the album. “With all the divisions in the world, Latin music can make people feel things,” she said.

Gomez has released three albums so far: Stars Dance (2013), Revival (2015) and Rare (2020).