The album featured the collaboration of Latin artists, and has been titled ‘Revelación’.

Selena Gomez unveiled the list of songs for the new album is about to be released, which was recorded in Spanish, and had the collaboration of Latin artists in this work that was titled ‘Revelation’.

The artist expressed: “At that time, recording an album in Spanish was just an idea that kept bouncing around in my head. And then it started to come true more quickly than I expected and organically, almost the entire album was recorded in several Zoom sessions, ”explained Selena, as the pandemic has imposed all these challenges.

In the realization of this project, Selena had the collaboration of artists such as Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro, DJ Snake, and new talents such as Venezuelan Elena Rose and rapper Myke Towers.

The list is the following: “Once”, “Looking for love”, “Dance with me” with Rauw Alejandro, “Give it to me” with Myke Towers, “Vicio”, “Adiós”, “Selfish Love” with DJ Snake.