Selena Gomez thinks that for the rest of her life she will suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. The singer had to cancel her tour in 2016 because of her psychological health and was recently treated for it.

“I suffer from depression and anxiety, something that I have always been very open about but still do not feel as if I have overcome them”, says Gomez (25) in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar .

“I think this is a fight that I’ll face for the rest of my life, but that’s okay, because I know I’ll always think of myself first.”

In 2013, autoimmune disease lupus was diagnosed with the female singer. Her psychological problems are, according to Gomez, side effects of this.

More uncertain

Although the singer in 2017 together with dance producer Marshmello scored a hit with Wolves , her latest album Revival dates back to 2015.

Due to her faltering health Gomez says she has become a lot more insecure about her singing career. “I have been working on my next album for a long time and if people ask me why it takes so long I always tell them I’m not ready yet,” says the singer.

“I’m still not sure enough to publish something, and if that will take another ten years, that’s only the case, and all I want is to be sincere in what I do,” Gomez said.