While the 26-year-old Selena Gomez herself is at the Cote d’Azur at the Cannes Film Festival , the Puma brand has published the first images from the new advertising campaign with her participation in the network. The sportswear collection, represented by a star, was created especially for people who lead an active lifestyle, travel a lot and at the same time appreciate comfort and follow fashion trends.

I am in love with this collection because it is inspired by my life. I wanted to create something that will completely reflect me: something comfortable and fashionable. Images of these things can be created in minutes before leaving the house, and it will look very stylish,

– Gomez said.

The new Puma collection consists of T-shirts, Crop tops, leggings, belt bags, sneakers and headbands. The ruler is made in light shades – there are many things of gray and white in it.

Frames from an advertising photo shoot were made in the scenery of the airport terminal and on board the airliner. This idea came to the mind of the shooting producers for a reason: Selena Gomez has to travel the world a lot and often because of her work.