52-year-old Australian actor Hugh Jackman, known for his role as Wolverine from the MCU X-Men, turned out to be a master not only of acting, but also the king of the dance floor.

In his Instagram, Jackman admitted to his subscribers that he has been practicing tap dancing for a long time, but so far this dance is not very good for him. His friend-choreographer, Warren Carlisle, helps him to improve his dancer skill.

“Yesterday was the day of national dances. I can already hear the laughter of those who did not know about my passion for them. Look at the thing that Warren and I are preparing for you. He is not only my friend and a wonderful choreographer, but also a man with great patience. I can’t even say how long I rehearsed it, but I never learned it to the end. But when he applauds me, I’m happy, ”the actor told fans.

The artist’s fans were delighted with another talent of his idol. They noticed that despite minor mistakes, Jackman dances in the style of Wolverine.

“You are very good at it and you remind me of Wolverine, who flutters like a butterfly and stings like a bee”, “You are simply the best dancer of all Marvel heroes”, “It’s time to challenge Ryan Reynolds to a dance duel!” – rejoice in the comments.