Ex-lovers Seal (57) and Heidi Klum (47) cannot agree on where their four children should live. The top model has filed a request with the judge to bring her children to Germany, because the singer does not cooperate. Seal is hesitant about it, especially because he fears his ex-wife will want to keep them there, can be read in legal documents that ‘The Blast’ has in his hands.

Heidi wants the children to be with her during the shooting of Germany’s Top Model and to see their grandfather and grandmother. However, Seal thinks the model plans to stay in her home country with their children. If the judge approves her request, it could cause them to stay away indefinitely, Seal writes in a request to the judge to leave them with him.

The singer is also afraid that it is not safe for them to fly because of the corona crisis and also thinks that the situation also makes it uncertain whether they will be able to return. “Because of the uncertainty about the impact of Covid-19 on flight restrictions in this country and in Germany, which could change at any time and prevent children from leaving Germany or entering the United States.”

According to Seal, Heidi has often indicated that she would like their children to move. The model would be concerned about the political situation in the United States.