The studio Rare finally begins to leak information on his next big title Sea of Thieves. This piracy game will be released on March 20th, so here’s all you need to know about this exclusive Xbox One and PC.

Fans of pirate adventures have been waiting for a long time now, but their patience will be rewarded by the arrival of the multiplayer game Sea of Thieves, March 20, 2018.

Release of Sea of Thieves in a few days

The studio Rare enjoyed a live weekend to reveal some news about his game Sea of Thieves. We know for example that there will be a Kraken in the game, which can change the fate of the game’s pirates at any time. Indeed, this creature will attack the boats without warning and only hint of a future attack, the water will become black a few seconds before the attack.

Precious seconds that will have to be used to put the powder away. In case of attack, other players can help you out of this bad past or on the contrary to take advantage to loot your treasures …


Rare has also confirmed the possibility of changing the appearance of your boat and your pirate, as well as the presence of new islands to discover in the game. A rather good news because suddenly the adventures are increasing, making the game even more exciting.

More than a great speech, here is an 8-minute trailer that will allow you to put your mouth water … but especially to know everything about this game!


Fans of the genre will appreciate, because we already hear about an Xbox One S 1TB console pack and Sea of Thieves game for only $ 379.99. Otherwise, the game will be launched on Xbox One and PC. With Sea of Thieves, we can say that this is the return of the Rare studio at Microsoft, which relies heavily on this next title by offering a new exclusivity.