The American screenwriter and producer Max Landis is accused of sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Eight women tell their story in The Daily Beast .

According to the women, the 33-year-old Landis, who wrote the screenplay for films such as Chronicle and American Ultra, is manipulative and mean. He was allegedly violent and raped some of the women when he was in a relationship with them.

A few women, including Ani Baker and Whitney Moore, wrote about their experiences with Landis on social media. “I thought there was no point in publicly telling what terrible things Max Landis had done to me because he said he was working on himself. But that was a lie,” Moore writes, among other things.

Baker states that she once slapped Landis on his buttocks after having had sex. He would then have folded his hands around her neck and threatened her with death. A woman describes Landis as a cult leader. He would use his own friends club to get to know new women, after which he would systematically insult, intimidate and, in some cases, abuse them.

Landis has previously been accused of abuse

It is not the first time that Landis has been accused of abuse. When the film Bright , written by him , in which Will Smith plays the leading role, appeared in 2017 , stories were already being circulated.

Landis is the son of John Landis, the director of famous films such as The Blues Brothers and Coming to America and the music videos of Michael Jackson’s songs Thriller and Black or White.