Everyone’s favorite Terminator can also try on TV after the movie screen.

The 70-year-old actress star has been working diligently since launching the political career: Terminator continues to take part in the films, has long been rummaging for the next Conan movie and supposedly going to be a sequel to the Gemini, but that’s not all.

You want to try yourself now on the screen. According to Deadline, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be one of the protagonists and producer of the Amazon-based Outrider series, which, based on preliminary information, will be a mystical Western series that dates back to the 1800’s. In the story, a deputy sheriff must get a criminal in the wilderness, accompanied by the ruthless federal marshal (Schwarzenegger) to make sure that the law is properly enforced. If we believe in speculations, we will gain insight into a very rough and grim world, where the thin boundary between good and bad is often blurred.

This is the first serious series of Austrian Oak, previously only a very short shooter in some of the most famous pieces (San Francisco streets, Tales from the crypt, Two guys – and a small one). Will you look at the Outrider?