John Snow was not joking when he warned the lords of the north that both men and women would fight the dead. This will probably affect his sister Sansa Stark, who viewers will see in armor in the final season of the series. Sophie Turner personally confirmed that her character would be more like a warrior than a classic lady.

“I will have armor for the first time. We thought it would have protected Sansa perfectly at such a dangerous time. In addition, I wanted her to have armor, so that she looked more like a warrior. On the Winterfell Warrior, ”said Turner in an interview discussing the future of her character in the war against the walkers. Her new suit will not be burdened by heavy cast armor, like Brienna Tart or Jamie Lannister. Instead, Sanzu will be protected by leather armor or other similar material that does not restrain movement.

Neither in the pre-season photographs nor in the videos this costume was shown, so that the audience will see it already in the show itself. So far, everything that pleased the fans was the HBO channel – a short teaser, in which Sansa in her habitual attire greeted Daenerys Targaryen in Winterfell rather coldly. For seven seasons, Sophie’s character has managed to change several costumes that reflect changes in her character. The naive northerwoman from the first season was replaced by the wise Lady Winterfell, who will meet the army of the dead on April 14, 2019.